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     Israeljustice.com was established to document the Israeli policy to prosecute and detain peaceful protesters against the government's policy of withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Over the last 18 months, the government deemed civil protesters of the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip and West Bank as enemies of the state.

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Date Added: 8/11/2010
On Aug. 11, police released three teenage girls after they were arrested with another 37 people on a march from Nablus to Jericho in the West Bank on Aug. 10. The three said police refused them medical treatment as well as food and water was provided only when they protested. A journalist photographing the march filmed police mistreatment of the hikers. Haaretz reporter Haim Levinson has footage of police attacking him and confiscating his camera.

Leading Rabbis Dov Lior and Shmuel Eliyahu refused a police summons for investigation in the case of Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira. The rabbis endorsed the Jewish legal [halachic] work "Torat HaMelech," authored by Rabbi Shapiro regarding the laws of the Jewish people at war with non-Jews. In early August, Rabbi Shapira, suspected of incitement against Arabs, was arrested in the early hours of the morning by a large security force in Yitzhar in northern Samaria. Shapira, head of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar, was released a day later.



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"Our job is to decide the appeal according to the law, to delve and to reveal the truth and to do justice."

- The military appeals committee deciding on the fate of the Hebron Peace House , 2/28/2008.


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Thankful but not surprised to see your site . . . the atrocities of the government against the settlers needs much more coverage and many here in the US support your efforts. May you grow to be a strong, consistent voice for the oppressed in Eretz Israel!
Amazing website! Its so sad to see the double standards in Israel and how the left are able to do what they do. Tizke L'mitzvos and continue to be strong with your good work
This is an excellent website.
Post 'Disengagement' actions of Israeli Police against Jewish Persons in Israel (Historical/Biblical Israel) is more than puzzling.., it is frightening...
Am Israel Chai
It seems strange that the Jews are treated badly by their own government, not to mention their own Supreme Court.
Saying that it didn't matter that this Jew had no rights to defend himself or his family against a group of Palestinians who were armed with rocks and sticks or clubs, such behavior on the part of any court in Israel to take up against their own fellow Jews, is Ludicrous.
Such assessment won't speak to well to the one's considering making Aliyah. As this effect me as well as I too am a Jew.
Shalom, Shalom, Yosef
   Terrible situation. All these protestors are brave and courageous Jews.  
   Tell me, is it possible that all this government, police, etc. negativity, hatred and violence stems from fear?  
   If a Jew (Or non-Jew) doesn't fear G-d then they fear man--America, the World, etc.  
   Would you simply say that these hateful authorities are just 'bad Jews?' Nothing will help them? Not even a good, healthy strong dose of Torah and Mitzvot?  
   Could all their animosity be due to ignorance because of the weak foundation of 'the state?'  
   We know the Mishna in Avos, the religious science of Torah, simply states that if one does Hashem's will then HE will do our will, etc.  
   I live in Crown Heights and teach the 7 Noahide Laws to non-Jews (Blacks) almost every day.  
   I lived in Sefad '79-'80 and have come to Eretz HaKodesh almost every summer. My wife is Israeli with family and friends there. I would never visit 'the medina.'  
   It's too painful and ugly!  
   Shal-m Le Am Yisroel!  
   Todah Raabah!  
   Boruch ben Tzvi (A"H) HaKohaine Hoffinger
How do you expect American Jews, who expect a legal system that is some what like the US (bill of rights) to move to Israel that has very little civil rights? Either get ride of your parlimentary form of government of forget about getting American Jews, in large numbers, to move to Israel.
I think we should all bear in mind that the people of Israel elected this government and are bound by its laws. It is now that Israel needs its citizens more than ever to delve in trying to understand the conflict andprospects for peace. Demonstrating against a government that has your best interests at heart is absurd regarding this matter andisplays an insensitivity that is unbecoming of Jews everywhere.
From reading the headlines I begin to believe Israel is not a jewish state, at least not one where jewish citizen all have the same rights.
Maybe it is time to follow the Solomon example, two staes Israel and Judea one for jews and one for Olmert
You have a great web site. Kol Hakovod.
Olmert's daughter (& her fellow travelers) is permitted her reign of left wing terror by harassing soldiers and coddling terrorists.

In the land of Israel this is considered ideologically appropriate behavior. However, Nadia Matar is dragged into court for 'insulting' a public offical. Why? Because she is on the 'wrong' ideological side of the spectrum.

This type of appeasement behavior is par for the course for a regime which lets loose on the public captured ! terrorists, and pardons ! scores of others.

In the topsy turvy world which passes for Israeli leadership only one of two outcomes are possible. Either Nadia and her supporters will win, or the leadership will win. If the leadership comes out on top, rest assured it will be a victory for our enemies, and then we can all say goodbye to what is left of our Jewish homeland. We will have no one to blame but ourselves if we do not stop them.
Please sign me up,thanks.Herb Brodsky
In regard to the current report involving the police's failure to investigate properly the alleged shots fired at Beduin trespassers in Judea & Samaria, this is par for the course.

There is a MOUNTAIN of evidence whereby Jewish rights in Judea & Samaria are non existent.This is no accident.There are orders from the political elite to make the lives of Jews in the heartland ! of our homeland as miserable as possible.

It is not an understatement to suggest that the supposed Jewish police forces act as protectors of the Arabs, and as harassers of the Jews.

The current situation is absolutely intolerable. It will come to a point-and soon- that the nationalist Jews will take the law into their own hands. Could any sane and rational person blame them if this happens? Certainly not me!
This is one of the most unique and important sites available. No one else is providing this information. I hope others will help spread the word. Whatever "democracy" that is left in our country is in serious danger.
Hey it looks good and I just wanted to say that you guys and gals did a great job on this website and it showed a lot of good info for me.
"For the want of Justice, the sword comes into the world."
I thank the person who, via his weekly newsletter to his family & friends, mentioned your site and got me interested in it. I am currently working with several "ideological/political" prisoners (Daniel Pinner, Shmuel Zetham, a few of the 21 expelled from Judea and Samaria, etc.), trying to raise funds for them and their families, publicize their cases, arrange for jail visitations, etc. Most of these prisoners are in jail for reasons other than their protests against the expulsion (e.g., arrested for illegal gun possession but getting the third degree because of where they live). I would be glad to send you some material on some of these prisoners that I have been posting on various lists, if you request.
Y'shar Koach, your site presents a much-needed service to the Jews of Israel and outside of it!
Kol Tuv,

This site caught my eye because of its simple name and mission - Israel Justice. What has been missing in Israel since the disaster of the Oslo Accords has been pure justice for Jewish nationalists and their interests. Anyone who stands up for Jewish rights in our homeland is eventually hunted down for 'ideological' crimes. The laundry list of those persecuted is growing by the day.

The authorities have become pathological in their hatred of nationalist Jews, (religious & secular) and this hatred culminated in the destruction of 23 ! Jewish communities and thousands of lives, all in order to please our most implacable foes. The brutality at Amona soon followed. The slippery slope appears unstoppable, or not.

Therefore, nothing is more imperative now for Israel's survival as a Jewish state, not as an Israeli state, than for justice to me meted out to those seeking to undermine Jewish rights in Israel.

I am doing all I can to effectuate these goals in a myriad of ways. Enough said.
so sad and true,
very good work!
B'Hatzlacha - with your Web Site Testimony.
It will serve as an excellent reference in future to those whom we wish to enlighten, rather than having to write or copy the gory evidence oneself, every time. Thanks!
none yet...
will just read about israel justice
shabbat shalom!
"Zion shall be redeemed with justice."
This is what I hope and trust to return to Zion, having been unjustly deported.
Very important site!
Translate to Hebrew
Your opinion can help!
Very informative and important site.
Keep up the good work.

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